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First Blog Post

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It has been some years since I created a website. I used to love playing with HTML a long time ago, then had to learn PHP for a few projects. I ultimately ended up learning Javascript but could never really enjoy working with web technologies.




List of Invited Talks


In the last few years, I gave talks across different countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, France and the United Kingdom. My complete list of invited talk (or guest lectures) can be found below:

ACM SIGCHI SEA Summer School 2019


In November 2019, my lab and I hosted the ACM SIGCHI SEA Summer School 2019. The event brought researchers and practitioner from many different countries together for a three days event. Participants came from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines.


Previous Teaching Experience

Teaching, Diverse Universities, 2009

I have been teaching since 2010, right after I started my PhD, first as a Teaching Assistant, then as a full time Teacher.

Digital World

Undergraduate course, SUTD, 2019

Digital World is a freshmore (i.e. Term 3) module that is taught at SUTD. In that module, we teach programming to every SUTD student. The language used is Python